Monday, May 2, 2011

One Year One Month

I know, I know! I'm late! (last Tuesday was her real month-day) I really have no idea where this week went, except that I've been working on the post for her birthday and it's a doozy. So many pictures, so little time! And we were out and about most days this week, so I didn't take her Pooh pic until Sunday. Excuses, excuses, I know! But thankfully she just gets cuter everyday, which means she's actually cuter now than if I had taken the picture on her real month-day. So really I'm doing you a favor! Right? =D

This was a fun month! No surprise there! She gets more fun everyday and funnier everyday too! I have the best kids in the world and the best job!

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New this month...

She's walking! She's not a walker yet, in that her primary mode of travel is still crawling, but she walks more and more every day. Easter morning she stood up and walked about 5 steps to me. That was the first time she had initiated walking by herself, I think. Before that she'd walk if I put her a few steps from me or from a table or chair. Yesterday she walked about 8 steps to Daddy! Made his day! So she's not walking far at each attempt, but it's still walking!

I have a climber on my hands. Austin was kinda a climber, but not too much. He didn't climb on chairs or tables and really he just climbed on the back of the couch when we'd put him up there. McKenna just likes to climb and gets frustrated when she can't get up! She can get up and into Austin's little chairs, up onto Austin's bed, and she likes to climb up onto Brian's file box and start pulling cereal boxes off the counter! This week Brian was really surprised to find her on the couch, since we thought she couldn't do that yet! So he put her down and watched her. Watched her as she climbed up into a little chair, then up onto the end table and then up and over the arm of the couch. Boy was she proud!! She's good at getting up onto things. Not so much getting down. She bonks more frequently than she'd like and she sure is pitiful when she goes down. But it doesn't keep her from trying again!

She is going to be a better talker than Austin, I think. She has already started repeating words and sounds! I was shocked this week when she said "Austin"! I was able to get it on video, which is good because she won't do it when anyone else is around! Daddy didn't believe me! She's not nearly as excited about signing as Austin was, but we're still working on it.

I have never seen a child like bath time as much as she does! If the bathroom door is open, she makes a beeline for the tub! And she's doing her very very best to climb in! When bath time is over, she cries. If she's tired and bath time is over, she melts down!

She is so naughty! She is just like her brother! She knows exactly what she's not supposed to be doing and she does it anyway! And makes sure you're aware that she's doing it. It's all a game! No matter how stern I try to be, she just thinks it's all so funny and laughs hysterically! And if you happen to walk up on her doing something wrong, she jumps so high with the funniest "caught" look on her face! It is really hard to control my giggles and continue with the stern face and voice! I'm so so in for it when they start ganging together against me!

Her favorite naughty things to do: 1) Drop food off her tray. If you're looking she'll either blatantly drop it off and watch your reaction, or she's really slowly move her hand to the edge and try to do it on the sly! She'll even subtly put them underneath her! But then there are the occasions when she just gets a case of the sillies and starts knocking food off left and right as fast as she can before you can get to her. 2)Turn off any computer/power supply she can get to. We've had to blanket off the desktop computer so that she can't get to either the large power button, or the bright red power supply button. It's only a matter of time before she figures out how to pull the blanket off. I'm actually surprised it hasn't happened yet. If she gets access to our room, the first thing she goes for is the power supply by the bed. (If I could put it under the bed I would, but it powers the TV and none of the cables are long enough!) 3)Destroy the laptop! If I make the mistake of leaving the laptop open and in her reach, she'll start banging away at the keys. And just like the food, if she sees me coming to stop her, she starts banging away frantically, trying to get as many keystrokes in as possible before being reprimanded! 4)Pulling laundry out of drawers. This one I let her do cuz it's not harmful, but man is it a pain sometimes! But it is really funny to see her just go at her whole drawer of pants and see how quickly and thoroughly she can empty it!

She will not keep a bow in her hair! I think her birthday party was the last day one stayed in for more than 10 minutes. And now I only get 10 minutes if I trick her. Put more than one in so she thinks she has won when she pulls one out. That worked twice! :\ Pretty much the only thing that works is to put one in and then somehow keep her hands from her hair and distract her long enough until she forgets it's in there. Eventually though, she feels it and pulls it out and proudly hands it to me or proceeds to eat it. She's either going to need to learn to keep them in, or I'm going to lose the "She needs a haircut" battle pretty soon. It's down in her eyes no matter how much I sweep it to the side. I really don't wanna cut her hair, so if any of you mommas have tips, lemme know!

Clapping is sorta a new thing. She has clapped before, but really hasn't done it much in the last several month. But last week, rather than taking a nap, she played in her crib for hours and rediscovered a love for clapping. I think she just figured out that she can make noise with her hands! Again, she finds this hilarious! And I find it ridiculously cute, so I'm always asking her to clap!

She discovered dancing this month. She'd bob a little here and there before, but now she gets into it. The other day we were watching American Idol together and she was swinging her arms and bouncing on the couch. I got some of it on video, but it wasn't nearly as good as she had been doing!

Oh how she loves Austin! She just thinks he is the funniest person. She loves to help wake him up from his nap. Zooms over the bed to get to him and starts poking him or patting him on the head.

Food was good this month! She actually eats just about anything she can pick up, which is SHOCKING to me! I thought she'd be even pickier than Austin. She just doesn't eat large quantities. So we are still doing some pureed food to help fill her up. And I've never seen a kid so excited about a sippy cup full of milk! She will start bouncing and shrieking at the sight of it! So between both more milk and more food, she's sleeping eating less at night and sleeping better!

She loves books. She will sit forever, it seems, pulling them one by one out of the basket and looking through them. She's even started bringing them to me to read, which I love. She doesn't sit still very good for them yet, but we're making progress.

Sleep was good this month too! I've developed a fairly good game plan for naps. She still has 2 most days, if we're home. But if she wakes up late she's usually not tired for a morning one. My rule is if she's asleep before 11am, she can take a morning nap, otherwise she has to wait for the afternoon. Occasionally that backfires and she can't settle down for the afternoon one, but that's rare. And she does pretty good missing a morning nap if we have somewhere fun to be. So I feel less guilty about dragging her out and about!

I think that's it! I feel like I'm forgetting something blatant. And since I have the memory of a goldfish, I can be fairly sure that feeling is accurate. Oh well, I can always add it to next month!

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