Friday, May 27, 2011

Bonus Trip

When my mom came with us and my brother and family to Disneyland a couple months ago, she bought a two day park hopper ticket, since it was only a few dollars more. We figured we could probably get a second trip in before it expired. She ended up having neck surgery and couldn't go until the time was almost up though, so we went during the week and it ended up just being her and I and the kids. We did a short day so the kids could nap but we still had fun! It was wonderful to have a special field trip with just the kids and Nani!

There's a Toy Story 3 ride in California Adventure that we've been wanting to go on forever, but the line is always ridiculous by the time we get there. This day we actually got an early start and were there before that park opened. We piddled around Disneyland for a few minutes and then after CA opened we beelined it to the Toy Story ride. I was so impressed with it! I really didn't have any idea what the ride was, just that it was something we hadn't done yet. It was so fun! The line was already long by the time we were done, otherwise we would have gone on again! It's a Virtual 3D shooting game. You use a pullstring canon to shoot pies, or discs, or darts at targets. At some points when you break stuff, it comes "flying" back at you - they shoot air or water back at you. It was very very cute! Austin didn't really get how to shoot and he had a hard time keeping the 3D glasses on cuz they were a little big. But he sure looked cute in them!

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Austin loves riding the carousel, so we went on the one in California Adventure. McKenna thoroughly enjoyed it too!

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Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

I was pleasantly surprised to see they had Lightning McQueen & Mater out for photo ops! We cannot wait for the new Cars land to open next year!

After that, we went to Disneyland and went on the Matterhorn again and I was very pleased the Austin was excited about it! I was still a little unsure if he really did like it or if it freaked him out. He loved the giant white monkeys just as much as last time. Phew!

We ended the day with a yummy treat of ice cream. I made the mistake of only getting one for the kids and I to share. I hardly got any! McKenna discovered she really likes ice cream!

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Thanks, Nani, for a great day!

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