Friday, October 12, 2012

4 Months Already!

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Big month!! She rolled front to back about 2 weeks ago, but hadn't done it again since. Then last Wednesday she decided she wanted to roll back to front. And now she's a little rollin' fool! She decided that while she was at it, she'd become mobile too. No, she's not crawling...yet. (Although I don't think she's that far off from crawling - she's almost got an army crawl figured out) But she does scoot around the house on her back. She gets her feet under her butt and then pushes with all her little might. She gets where she wants to go. She can also turn all the way around while on her tummy and occasionally makes some forward movement. So real, legit, movement will not be long coming! I am so in trouble!

She's finding her voice a bit. She chatters when she's happy, even moreso when she's tired. And very much so when she's stuck on her tummy and is tired. Then she sounds like a little shrieking eel!

She found her thumb last week. If I weren't anti-thumb, I'd love how cute it is! It is definitely preferable to her previous attempts to self-soothe - shoving nearly her whole hand in her mouth. I think another couple weeks and she'll be able to fit the whole thing in!

We went to her 4 months appointment Wednesday. My little beast is getting bigger! Gained a pound in a month - now at 14 lbs 13 oz. And if the measurement is to be believed (which looked legit to me) she's officially off the charts in height - grew 2.75 inches and is now 26.5" long.

Poofy hair is still going strong! It's getting a little thinner, but not much. Some days it's her whole head and others it's just the back poof. I hope it sticks around for a while.

My little beast is a strong little beast! She is determined to bust out of any swaddle. We tried switching from her Adan&Anais swaddler to a SwaddleMe, in hopes that the velcro would hold her in. It has not. She either busts out of it or gets her arms through the bottom hole and pulls it up over her head. Time to start phasing it out so she can sleep without it. But then we'll have to figure out a new napping situation, since she currently naps on my bed. I'll either have to move McKenna to my room for naptime or figure out how to get them both to nap in the same room at the same time.

I can't get over how happy this little girl is! She is sunshine embodied! I hope she always stays that way!