Sunday, September 23, 2012

Three Month Pooh Pic

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Bella is still such a sweet little thing! Such a joy! She cried a little more this month than the previous ones, but in general she is still so happy! She still really only cries when she has tummy issues. Unfortunately that has been happening more this month. Not sure if it's something I'm eating or what. I'm pretty sure onions don't help, but even without those she's a gassy little thing recently. Trying to iron it out. Right around this point Austin started pooping once every 4 days, and she might be going that route. I think it's just going to take a bit to iron out.

She has the best smile! She's getting fat little cheeks that are so cute when she smiles. Even is developing a little dimple on her right cheek. I love her fully body smiles.

Giggles and laughing are in full swing. She's ticklish just like her momma. And she will laugh at her daddy and her siblings' crazy antics already. And sometimes if she's super tired she starts laughing for no reason. Getting loopy already!

She LOVES Austin and McKenna. She lights up at the first sight of them and is still so amazingly patient with them! Even when getting bonked with toys and getting cheeks squished, she hardly ever protests.

She's starting to grab and bat at things. She loves her bears in her bouncy seat, Bert & Geraldo, the goat/moose. I love watching her with Geraldo. (You pull it's legs down and it jiggles back) She slowly raises an arm until her fingers start to touch it's legs, then she carefully wraps her fingers around one leg and then yanks with all her little might! The other kids weren't at all close to being strong enough pull Geraldo into action, but she's got it down!

Still hitting the jackpot with a phenomenal sleeper at night! She's up to 8-10 hours now, most nights. It mostly depends on how well she ate before she goes down. If she gets a good meal, she's good until 6am-ish! And then she goes down again until 8 or so. She goes down fine usually - just give her a binkie, a blankie and a ceiling fan to hypnotize her to sleep and she's golden! I actually don't mind the times when she has a hard time going down because when I go in to re-binkie her (yes, that is a verb around here!), she lights up! It's a smile that half says "I won! I got you to come in here!" and half says "I missed you! You're my favorite person!" Naptimes are actually a little rougher than night. She wakes up at 45 minutes on the dot without fail. Where the other kids could go back to sleep without their binkie, she absolutely needs it. Most of the time it just takes rebinking, but sometimes she needs a snuggle nap to get back to sleep. I've gotten a quite a few naps over the last couple weeks!

She had a weight check at 3 months and was 13lbs 13oz - 75%. I just packed up a bunch of clothes she outgrew already. Clothes McKenna was sitting up on her own in! I don't think of Bella really being that big, or McKenna really being that small, but I guess there really is a big difference between them!

Her poofy hair gets more impressive with each day! I love it! I don't even try to tame it. It gives her even more personality than she already has. It's getting longer and doesn't show signs of laying down anytime soon!