Thursday, December 8, 2011

20 Months

Yup! Two weeks late again! Really I have no excuse this time. Just pitifullness!

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New this month...

Oh my, the clinginess!! It's gotten way worse. And I'm actually praying it's teeth, cuz that means it will hopefully end when the teeth pop through. If it's a behavioral issue only, I just don't know what to do about it. There are tantrums when I go out of the room or even look like I might think about leaving the room. Which means every time I need to go the bathroom, put an article of clothing away, grab a diaper, etc. we have tears. And these are whether Brian is in the room or not. She just wants Mommy! When she's well rested, it's not as bad, but anywhere near nap time, or just afterwards, it's fairly bad. She's also having a hard time sleeping, so I'm fairly sure it's teeth.

On the flipside - I've gotten the best snuggles in the past couple months. It's hard to get frustrated when you're so loved!!

Words have evolved into sentences. And her vocabulary continues to grow each day and completely astounds me! She knows all the (important) parts of the body and very happily and sometimes painfully (ie pokes you in the eye) points them out on whoever is nearby. She loves to name all the pieces of clothing as Daddy gets dressed in the morning and on her dolls. I think she really only needs to hear a word once or maybe twice to have a good handle on it these days. And she's really clear on most of her words too. It's nice not having to interpret!

She's just starting to get the concept of colors. She doesn't know the colors but she knows that they exist. When asked a color, she usually answers blue, with red as a backup answer.

Her love of water has not ended! Thankfully she doesn't drink nearly as much bathwater these days. But her love of water has expanded to giving everyone else water. She is constantly giving her dolls & Austin's figurines something to drink. I guess she figures if she's thirsty everyone else must be too.

She is starting to love songs. She can sing along partially with me on "You are My Sunshine" and "Little Einsteins". And frequently we hear her singing but can't quite figure out what song she's singing but it resembles something on Little Einsteins or one of the other cartoons.

She's taking her job as annoying little sister very serious still. She's added hitting and pushing to her repertoire of bugging skills. So now she'll steal a toy from Austin and then when forced to give it back, she hands it back and then whacks him! Sigh...

I totally heart the way McKenna runs! So much enthusiasm! It's a combination of bouncing, running and prancing with an added wiggle in there. I need to get it on video of it so I don't forget it.

I'm fairly confident she will be potty trained before her big brother. She tells me most times before she poops and if not before, she makes sure to tell me afterwards. I've tried to get her to go on the potty when she tells me before but she's not quite ready for that. She also tells me before she has to pee a lot! She's already gone on the potty a few times. She doesn't like to sit on the potty - she tell you she needs to go, then if you ask her if she wants to go to the potty she always says "NO!" So I'm trying not to push it. But she does thoroughly enjoy her M&M reward, so that's how we get around it.