Saturday, April 13, 2013

9 Months

It was bound to happen. I missed a month! I had it basically done, just couldn't get my act together to put the pic in and post it!

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Last month she crawled. This month she started cruising! At 8 months 3 days, she pulled herself up and now she's everywhere. She can't stand unassisted but she is holding on with barely one hand. She's even did a quick transfer from the couch to the coffee table. She's getting bold! She's also figuring out pushing her walking toys. They still move a little quick for her but she's getting closer to zipping around the house!

No new teeth this month, but the top two are getting mighty close.

She's picking up clapping, but doesn't really do it too often. She loves giving high fives though and thinks it's so funny!

Her first word was Momma. Her second word is Hi! I was shocked when I walked in to get her up from a nap and she started waving at me and said "Hi!" Okay, it's not a really clear "hi", it's more like a "aaiiiiiii" but it is intentional and she does it only with waving. It counts!

The poor thing just wants to play with the big kids oh so badly. They are constantly trying to keep their toys from her. She's officially the annoying little sister, I think! She gets pretty upset when they take stuff away from her.

I love her running crawl. When she's excited she goes so fast that she can't quite crawl right and usually falls down a few times. It's horribly cute!

Just like her older siblings, she has discovered the sure-fire way to get me to come in when she's supposed to be napping. She chucks her binkies out of the crib. Austin would chuck it and then laugh! She chucks it and then cries because she needs it to sleep. So me, being the big softy that I am, comes in and gives it back. Thankfully, unlike her older siblings, she only does it once and then is grateful to have it back.

I LOVE watching this kid eat! Oh my gosh, it is so fun! I am totally amazed at how much and what she eats. She gets so excited when you offer her food. Her face lights up and she starts kicking her little feet just by showing her a ritz cracker across the room! She doesn't appear to have a bottom to her pit though! I cut her off when it seems like a decent amount of food, but she'd probably keep going. Sometimes she out-eats the big kids. And there is still nothing she won't eat. I thought she didn't like oatmeal, but the 2nd time I offered it, she chowed down. She's had steak, eggs, chili, pizza, hot dog, and when we were at a party the day after she turned 9 months, she ate a curry potato ball. I offered her a bite and after she got a taste she grabbed my hand and shoved the rest in her mouth! And when you think she's done eating, because there's a lull in the two handed shoveling action and you go to clean up, she will frantically start picking up food again! I'll have to watch that she doesn't turn into a little tubbo, but for now I'm just loving having 1 out of 3 kids that eats!

She's starting to get the signs for "more" and "all done" down but mostly she just bangs on her table and yells to get my attention if I let her plate get empty for too long. Which is about 3 seconds after I put food on it!

She's got a great pincer grasp. That makes eating a lot easier this month. She doesn't drop a lot of food unless it's crumbly.

We started her on a sippy cup of water. She's not great at getting it out, but she loves that thing! She will NOT let you take it away once she gets her fingers on it.

I think her eyes may be starting to turn blue, but Brian disagrees. She definitely has my eye shape. Small! Her right eye is still super goopy from the plugged tear duct. Her left eye cleared up at 6 months but there hasn't been much change to her right. Maybe slightly less green goopy. :( It's getting really irritated around the eye too. So we have an appointment with an eye specialist in a few weeks to see what the plan is. Very likely it will be surgery. Which is a bummer, because obviously I don't want to have to put my baby through surgery! But I'll be glad to have it cleared up. It bothers her and it's a pain to keep clean!

She loves playing hide and seek with me. If I cover myself with a blanket, she "runs" over and bonks me on the head to make me uncover. Then shrieks as loud as she can with joy that she's found me! There is very little this kid does without smiling from ear to ear!

She's starting to dance when you put music on.

I don't want to jinx myself, but I might have gotten a good listener this time around! By 9 months, the other kids just laughed when I told them not to touch something. She actually stops touching! Crossing my fingers!!!