Wednesday, September 23, 2009

All The Single Babies

I know I'm way behind on posting pics or video of my own cute kid, but this was too funny to pass up posting. It had me giggling for a long time when I saw it on Facebook. This kid could show Austin a dance step or two!

Friday, September 11, 2009

11 Months!

Oh, my little peanut is 11 months old! I know, I'm a week late. So really he's 11 months and 7 days old! But wow! I'm praying the next three weeks go by at a snail's pace, because I am soooo not ready to have a one year old! I really didn't think I was going to be one of those crazy mommas that hates to see her kids grow up, but alas, I am!

New this month:

Austin is in cruisin' mode. He is fast. Particularly when food is involved. It's really funny to see him scoot around the table as fast as his little arms and legs will move. He really barely needs to hold on. He has great balance and a surprisingly keen awareness of his head. He very very rarely bonks it on the table on the way up or down. The only time this happens is when he's tired. Then he cruises like he's hit up the minibar a few too many times.

He has become a little beggar! It doesn't matter how much dinner he just ate, he will beg for, nay..demand some of our food! He zips around the table just as quick as can be and then will not give up fussing until he gets some. 90% of the time, he has no idea what you're eating, but he still wants it!

Last month, I apparently boasted about how good a sleeper he was a little prematurely! This was an awful, just plain awful month of sleeping. He's working on teeth #3 & 4. And while they have yet to pop through, they sure made their presence known for more than 3 weeks! We went right from recovering from traveling to teething and it was not fun! He seems to be on the mend now. These last couple weeks were good nap weeks.

He talks soooo much. Can't understand a darn word that is coming out of his mouth, but he apparently doesn't know that. He just keeps chattering up a storm at you. Someday someone will invent something that allows us to understand babyspeak! Hopefully someday soon!

He learned to wave. Sometimes it takes a bit to convince him to do so, but sometimes he does it unprompted. It's a full arm wave usually but occasionally he does a little hand wave back and forth.

He got his first haircut. And by his reaction, it may be his last, if he has any say in it!

Loves to put things in boxes. He has a few toys that have lids and he could put things in them, close them and then open them again for hours at a time.

He found out how to make the blue light on the computer turn off and on. He even knows to hold the button for several seconds to turn off the computer! That poor computer has booted up so many times in the last couple weeks, it's not even funny. And when you tell him "no, don't touch", my sweet little angel just gives you the biggest grin and very purposefully pushes that button right in! :| Little booger!

Along with the blue button, his favorite place to be is under the computer desk. I think he's trying to rewire the whole rig. I probably pull him out from under there no less than 15 times a day.

He loves to point at things and poke them with just one finger. It's really funny to see how precise he is with just that finger. Belly buttons top his list of favorite things to poke.

Bathtime is not fun right now. It's involves lots of crying and screaming...on both of our parts. He will NOT sit down and cries hysterically when I make him. I will take any and all suggestions here!!!

He's becoming a slightly finicky eater. Not picky as much as finicky. One day he'll gobble something down like it's manna from heaven and the next day he'll spit it out and proceed to rub it all over his face in protest. (Don't worry, I do have pictures of this!)

His sense of humor is growing by the day. He is a silly silly kid!

He loves to give big slobbery kisses, especially when he's tired. But the sweetest one I've gotten was the other day. He had just finished nursing, so he was laying on the pillow in front of me. And he grabs my chin and pulls my face down towards him and gives me a kiss! Just melted me!

My favorite thing this month though is how much he loves Brian. I am chopped liver when he is around. Which is fine. I get 90% of Austin's day to myself. I'm willing to share the other few hours. Austin wakes up early when Brian does. I think he only does it so he can see Brian in the morning. Cuz recently he hasn't been waking up early on the weekends, just the weekdays. He gives Brian the best snuggles and kisses too. It's really fun to watch them interact!

Friday, September 4, 2009

My Little Zoolander!!

Before I had kids, I always thought it would be fun to submit them for modeling gigs, you know, if they didn't come out looking like ET. (Although I'm sure there is some market for that too!) I figured we could exploit them while they were young, before the industry pressure for sex and drugs would affect them. So like up to 5 years old or so. In 15 years, I really don't want to see my children on the "Child Stars...Screwed Up Lives" show.

So when Austin came out looking all ridiculously cute, (I'm his momma...I'm allowed to be slightly biased) I thought he'd have a chance at getting some modeling gigs. And sure enough, I was right!

A few months ago Austin landed his first gig...a print shoot for Disney Clothing! He did so good! He's such a laid back kid and he's so darn smiley! The ad was for Disney's winter line, so I've been waiting on pins and needles (read...stalking the Disney store website like a crazy person) for the pictures to come out. They photographed several kids in the same outfits so there was a chance he wouldn't be in it. But I just received an email from his agent and they used him!

Seriously, how cute is my kid???

(ETA: Ooh he's on the main page of too! Coverpage Baby!)

A few weeks ago he did two shoots - One for Carter's Clothing and another for Infantino Baby Carriers. When those pictures come out, I'll post them here too.

Now to go work on his "Blue Steel" look. It needs some tweaking.