Monday, February 18, 2013

Eight Great Months

I am LOVING every moment with this darling girl!! I am the most blessed mommy in the world because I get to be her mommy!

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Lots of new stuff this month!

Crawling! She is oh-so-mobile! A week after she turned 7 months she figured it out. Sunday night she couldn't crawl and I was trying to teach her by enticing her with my cell phone as a prize. Monday she took a few "steps" and Tuesday she was off! It still amazes me how quickly they perfect something once they get it! She also learned how to push up to a sit on the same day. So now she's a happy girl! She can get to what she wants and then can play with it as she wants to.

And now she is into EVERYTHING! I have to watch her like a hawk and really keep an eye on what toys get left out. Day 1 of mobility she almost choked on both a cardboard tag from a stuffed animal and little doll dress at the same time. Actually the only reason I realized she had a whole tag stuck on the top of her mouth was cuz I discovered it when retrieving the dress! But I do love that she can decide what toys she wants to play with on her own. She's less frustrated because of that. Her favorite spot right now is the kitchen pantry. I've put the plastic spices on the bottom shelf and she takes them out and rolls them all of the kitchen. Seriously hours of entertainment!

She loves bath time oh so much! If you put her down on the floor of her room, especially if you don't put clothes back on her, she BOLTS to the bathroom, thinking it's time for a bath. When the big kids are in the bath, she insists on sitting next to it and watching them.

It's hard to believe, but she may be our loudest child yet. Maybe it's just me blocking it out, but while I remember the others going through a shrieking phase, I don't remember it at this volume! She shrieks happy, sad, hungry, bored or excited and sometimes, just for the heck of it. I tend to tune it out a fair amount but it drives Brian nuts. I'm hoping our neighbors aren't bothered too!

She still has yet to turn down a single bite of food! It's so fun! She gets very excited for mealtime and I swear she's yelling/shrieking "more" if I wait too long between bites. We've done fruit pieces, small chicken pieces and salmon in addition to all the usual purees. And we just added yogurts in too. She still is a little bit of a spitter, so no my carpet has a whole array of little colored stains. I'm constantly scrubbing it! I guess that makes up for not having to clean out quite as many diaper blowouts thanks to the solid foods!

In fact, she likes food so much, if it's near mealtime and you ask her if she wants to eat, she tries to eat your face.

She's already picking up on signing! She is really fascinated when I show her "milk", "more", or "all done". Almost from the beginning she would practice "milk" when I'd show her. And just before she turned 8 months she was hungry and fussy and started signing milk for me! I think "more" and "all done" will be along shortly. I know Austin was over a year before he signed at all, but then loved it and I can't remember how old McKenna was.

She's just picking up giving high fives, head bonks and kisses. And she's just getting waving hello at people. She usually will do it if you move her arm for her the 1st time. But occasionally you'll get an unprompted hello!

She's in what I like to call the puppy dog phase. Everything goes in her mouth. But she also loves to crawl around the house carrying things hanging out of her mouth. Puzzle pieces, socks, dolls, etc. She looks so silly.

She's starting to actually get a little clingy. She's been such a low maintenance kid which has been a blessing when I have to give the big kids attention or discipline or prepare meals or get them ready for bed. But now she wants to be in the mix and wants to be up in my arms more than usual. She can still be distracted by toys when its necessary, but since she's not much of a snuggler, it's nice to get some extra holding in!

She got her first two teeth this month.

I'm pretty sure her eyes are going be blue. It's still kind of hard to tell, but that's the way they seem to be leaning. Hopefully they're just as beautiful as her big sister's!