Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Two-fer: Happy Half Birthday, Sweet Bella & One More

Woops! 2 months got away from me. So this post is a two-fer!

I started writing Bella's 6 months post on the day she turned 6 months! Obviously my life with three kiddos is a lot more busy than I thought it would be! But oh so worth it though! What a fun 7 months it's been! I swear Bella is absolutely the best baby ever! She is so much fun and I'm so blessed to be her mommy!

Every time I write a month post, I open up Austin's & McKenna's posts for their same months so I can see how the kids differ and how they are the same. When I did it this time I was surprised, because while I thought Bella was hitting milestones earlier than the other kids, I could have copied and pasted most of each of their posts here instead!

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

As of 6 months...

She loves to shake her head. One day she just started copying me when she was a little loopy tired and now she just thinks its the funniest thing to do. She has an amazing knack and shaking in response to appropriate questions. Auntie Suz asked her if she could be any cuter and she correctly shook her head "no", with a big smile on her sweet face!

She is so proud of her tongue! She constantly has it sticking out. She is also incredibly fond of blowing raspberries and clicking her tongue.

She loves her toys! She gets so excited when she sees her toys and is amazingly content to play with them for as long as she can reach them. And when she can't reach her own, she happily gets into all of the big kid toys!

She's a sitter! Not completely, but getting better everyday. She can sit without supporting herself with her hands for short periods too. She loves to sit with her toys because she can get at them even better.

She is learning volume control from her brother & sister! She is sooooo loud when she gets shrieking! While I'm glad she wakes up happy in the morning, 5am is not a time to enjoy shrieking! I suppose it's better than crying but a good ol' fashion fussy whimper would be much more preferable! Brian has to endure the shrieking in his ear while he tries to sleep because I have to bring her into our bed so she doesn't wake up McKenna.

The poofy hair is mostly gone. I'm sad! I miss it! Every once in a while it makes an appearance after a good hard nap.

She loves giving kisses! It's like being attacked by an octopus!

We had to quickly adapt to unswaddled naps. She was strong enough to roll over swaddled but not strong enough to really be able to keep her head up while swaddled on her tummy. I felt so bad doing it though! She was such a good napper swaddled and really had a hard time figuring out how to settle down unswaddled. The first time I every really had to let her fuss to sleep because she couldn't even settle while being rocked and it broke my heart to see her struggle. It took a couple weeks but she finally got it and is back to a great napper!

Her plugged eye ducts are resolving! I was fairly certain she'd need surgery eventually but I was wrong. The left eye is clear and the right eye is so much better than it used to be. The dr. is good with waiting and giving it some more time! Praying it resolves completely on its own!

6 month stats - 17lbs 1 oz - 65%, 27.5" - 95%. Still a chunk! I affectionately call her my Squishy!

7 Months!

As of 7 months, she still wasn't officially crawling but man, could she get around! I'm actually not sure how, exactly. When you're watching her she stays in one spot, but when you walk out of the room for about 15 seconds and come back she's across the room! She rolls and scoots and turns and rolls more. She's a determined little girl!

We started solids about 6.5 months and I can't tell you how great it is to have one kid in the house that actually eats! She loves food! Has yet to actually turn down a single bit of food. We run out of food before she runs out of appetite. Not a single shudder either or scrunched face until we busted out the puffs. I'll give her that they're banana flavor, which I find pretty gross, but what baby doesn't like puffs? They're baby crack! Gonna have to try another flavor, I guess!

She loves loves loves bathtime. She graduated to the ducky bath and couldn't be happier. Now she gets to splash around and gets so excited trying to catch her floaty toys. I have to watch her really carefully because she gets so aggressive, she dives for them!

She's figured out how to "blabble" her lips and mine with her fingers. It's her favorite thing to do when I'm attempting to rock her to sleep!

And boy, does she love her daddy! I love watching her face light up when she sees him! She'll stare him down until he looks at her and then flashes him the best smile. They have some pretty good rounds of peek-a-boo that are just too cute!

She stares strangers down for smiles too, just like Austin would. She makes friends everywhere! While shopping for Christmas presents with the girls in the stroller, I got more "Wow, that is happy baby!" comments. Love that she's got so much joy that it spills out on other people!