Friday, May 6, 2011

Just One, Please?!

You may be wondering why I hardly ever seem to have pics of my kids together. It's not that I don't try. I have hundreds, if not thousands of shots of them actually sitting together, but none of them are good!

I swear they do it on purpose. They have several techniques.

There's the "Wait until Mom is in position and then start running at the camera" technique. They are both skilled at getting just out of focus when I click the pic!
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Sometimes they work together on their timing. One will look at the camera and the other looks away...
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and then they swap and the 2nd one looks while the 1st one tries to fall out of the chair.

And then there's always the tried and true "Saboteur" route
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And when all else fails, just sit there and cry!
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Thank goodness for Photoshop and the ability to "Frankenstein" a picture! (Take one kid or head from one pic and stick it in another) Otherwise I'd never get cute pics like this!
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And while it's not great, it'll have to do, cuz that's as good as it gets with these two!

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