Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Determined Climber

Before she could walk, McKenna was determined to climb! Austin never climbed! I didn't have to worry about him getting up on the tables or chairs or anything. But McKenna is a different story! She wants to be up on everything! A couple times she'd be up on the couch and we'd have no idea how she actually got there, since we were fairly sure she wasn't tall enough to get up it directly. We finally caught her in the act - up onto a little chair, onto the end table, over the arm of one couch, across the coffee table (I have it pushed up to the couches to make more floor space for playing) and onto the other couch!

The biggest problem with this is that she still doesn't know how to get down, so I'm having to watch her carefully. Before I know it, she's up on the couch and trying to fling herself over the back! So fearless for such a small lil' thing!

I got some cute video of her very first climbing attempts. This first night she probably spent almost 30 minutes trying to figure out how to get up on the chair. So determined to figure it out!

And about 2 weeks later, I caught this pic of my little dare devil! Mountain conquered! And oh so proud of herself!

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