Friday, May 20, 2011

Feel Good Moment

On the way home from our Easter Egg hunt at Irvine Park, I had the opportunity to do something very neat! I got to help save these sweet little creatures!

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As I was driving back to the freeway, I came upon a momma duck who had just been hit and killed by the car and all her babies were still around her, not knowing what to do and where to go. One had already been hit. I had to go back. It would have killed me to get home and not know whether all the rest of the babies had made it or not.s

So I did a quick U-y and was so glad to find a pull out to park in. I couldn't put my babies at risk to save the duck babies, so I was so thankful for a place to safely put them. They were sleeping and didn't even know I was out of the car.

By the time I got back to the ducks, a couple other cars of people had also circled back. So together with 6 other people, we spent the next half hour, if not longer, wrangling sweet little baby ducks! They had managed to make it out of the road but had hidden in a giant edging bush. They were so hard to flush out! At one point, I was head in, feet up in the shrubbery. That has to tell you how much I wanted to save these little guys! I hate bushes! Bushes have spiders and bugs! Somehow I didn't end up with any on me, but the bush sure did a number on my arms and legs!

So in the end, 6 little babies were saved. One of the girls took them to a vet. We were so glad we stopped. They were way too young to have made it without a momma! Probably only a couple of weeks old. And oh so cute!

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