Saturday, May 14, 2011

Gary Busey with Bieber Fever

McKenna's hair is getting a little long. And a little out of control. She will not keep a bow in it. Plus she has developed a crummy habit of rubbing her hands in her hair during meal times. If I attempt to put a bow in her hair, I'm guaranteed she will rub her food in her hair as she grabs the bow out!

That, mixed with crazy bedhead from sleeping with her head wedged in the corner of the bumper, makes for some interesting bad hair days.

When she has a good hair day, her hair resembles Justin Bieber's. She has Bieber Fever.

When she has a bad day, she resembles Gary Busey.

This was a particularly bad day.

That's a little better - a little more Bieber-ish. But still a little crazy.

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