Sunday, May 29, 2011

Evolution of Walking, Part 2

I thought McKenna was going to walk earlier than Austin. She's a little more fearless while he was a little more cautious at her age. And she was standing up without holding onto anything for a long time, it seems. But as it turned out, they walked at the same age, almost to the day I think! 13.5 months.

When he started walking I made a bunch of videos to show his progression. You can see it here. (Wasn't he so cute?! Especially the 3rd video with his first haircut!) I wanted to do the same with McKenna. I didn't take nearly as many videos of her - second kid syndrome I guess!

McKenna took her first steps at 12 months and 1 week. (April 6th) I don't think these are first steps, but they are fairly early ones.

She graduated from taking steps to being able to walk just before 13 months. (April 24th) On Easter morning she stood up and walked to me! Prior to that she would only walk if I set her up for it, a small distance from a table. But she'd never done it on her own volition! I still wouldn't call her a "walker" though, cuz she crawled 90% of the time. I would just say "she was able to walk."

Whenever I'd bribe her with something to walk to, when she'd get there she proudly would grab the item and hold it up in the air like a trophy! Made me giggle every time.

And then I officially started calling her a walker at 13.5 months (May 9th) That morning she was walking 10% and crawling 90% and when she woke up from her nap she was crawling 10% and walking 90%! Just like that! Must have been a great synapse-creating nap! She still wasn't very good - only able to take a few steps in a row before falling down, but she'd get right back up and try again. It's amazing how quickly that changed. By the end of the week she was walking across the room in one try. The human brain and body is amazing!

So proud of my little girl! In no time, she'll be running!

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