Monday, May 30, 2011

Blast Off!

I didn't really think McKenna paid much attention to the TV when Austin would watch it. We really don't watch a ton. Just an cartoon or two in the morning while Mommy gets her bearings and maybe another before naptime. But Austin has been on a Little Einsteins kick for a few weeks, so there has been no variety in our house. I guess McKenna was paying much more attention that I though - I was floored when one day she just suddenly started doing the "blast off" sequence from the show!

And now she's addicted! She wakes up in the morning and starts "Pat, pat patting" and as soon as she gets up from her nap she does the same! It's really hard to say no to that sweet face, cuz she's asking so earnestly and innocently and she makes the cutest noises! And it kills me when she says "Blast off!" Does that qualify as her first sentence??

Here's them watching the opening song. You can see how excited she gets as soon as she hears the music!

And here's the "Blast Off" part. I've been meaning to get video of Austin doing it for a while. He gets very into it, especially the "We need more power!" part. Cracks me up! Whenever this part of the show comes on, he calls me or Brian or both into the room - apparently patting alone isn't acceptable! So now that McKenna is into this too, it's become a full family affair!

My one year old is obsessed with the TV and my two year old can spot McDonald's arches (French fries, momma! French fries!!) from 2 miles away. I'm sure to be up for Mother of the Year award!

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