Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Happiest Rainiest Place on Earth

A few weeks before Christmas made plans to take the kids to Disneyland. McKenna was old enough to get to enjoy a little bit of it compared to when we took Austin in August, or at least she wouldn't be confined to the stroller or carrier the whole time, so we decided she should come along. Brian took a Friday off work and we made plans to go.

And then the weather changed. It went from the beautiful, sunny, warm winter we were having to Storm Watch 2010. So naturally...we went anyway! We didn't want to waste Brian's day off and we figured "how bad could it be?" Besides, there would be no lines! Rather than spend an arm and a leg for a few hours, we made the plunge and got annual passes. We'd been hemming and hawing since we went in August and realized we would go enough to make it worth it, so we spent the price of an arm, leg and our first born and got the passes.

We ended up only staying for a few hours, cuz DANG! it was wet! But I think the last time I had so much fun was the last time Brian and I went in the rain. There is just something energizing about playing in the rain. As long as it is just for a little bit! We got the kids all bundled up in rain covers and they were set. Austin had to be bribed with a 'pop to put his on and then he was a happy camper. McKenna, as usual, was just happy to be wherever we were! And when we let Austin out of the stroller, he joyfully found every puddle he could jump in. At that point, we were already soaked, so we let him! And who am I kidding? I joined him in several!

It was raining too hard to take my camera out of the backpack much, so I just got a few pics from the day.

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How cute is he?!

Austin went on a carousel for the first time and loved it!
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