Tuesday, February 1, 2011

You Are My Sunshine/Oh My Gosh, My Kid is So Weird!

My mom used to sing me the greatest variety of songs when I was growing up. She recently wrote down a bunch of them so that I could relearn them to pass them along. There were several songs that we only sang the chorus to and it wasn't until I was older and looked up the verses, that I realized some of these songs are really weird! Two that I give her grief about are "The Little Blue Man" (It's actually about a blue midget who stalks a lady and then jumps to his death from a building cuz his love is unreturned! Good song for children - Thanks Mom!) and "You are My Sunshine". Sure "Sunshine" sounds bright and cheery, but the verses are fairly depressing! And the last line of the chorus is sad too. "Please don't take my sunshine away" - not as bad as the verses, but still not bright and cheery.

So when I heard VeggieTales version where they switch that line to "You have been my sunshine today!", I deemed it worthy to pass along to my kids! Austin is loving singing right now. We started by having him finish the lines for me, which is what he's doing in this video. Once he eventually gets going, that is. Really I have no idea what he's saying at the beginning of the video. He could be speaking in tongues! He's so weird! And such a tease! But it cracked me up enough that I had to include it. I love my little weirdo!

By the way, do not get me started on nursery rhymes! Why the heck do we tell these to our children?! They're sick and twisted when you look up the history behind them! How they lasted this long, is beyond me!

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Keisha said...

This had me laughing! It's *so* true!!! Rock a bye baby is horrible! Ring around the rosies is about the bubonic plague! Craziness!!!

Austin is too cute!!