Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Sweet Creepy Crawler

When we were getting ready to go camping for Thanksgiving, I remember thinking it was nice that McKenna wasn't crawling yet so that we didn't have to worry about her falling down the stairs of my parents' motorhome. You would think after 2 kids, I would know by now not to comment on activities they are or are not doing, cuz they always take the opportunity to mess with you! So while we were camping McKenna went from not being able to move except for a little scooting backwards to army crawling and then to full, perfect form, crawling. I was really surprised she didn't spend much time army crawling. Austin did that for several weeks before being shamed into using good form by a little buddy at church, almost two months younger than him.

Her first forward movements.

First real crawling, at the tail end of the clip. She figured out that the wounded soldier body drag wasn't horribly efficient.

Little by little getting it figured out. She was so proud of herself when she'd get it!

Obviously, life got busier with two mobile children, but it also freed me up a bunch too. She could chase after the toys that Austin was stealing from her herself!

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