Thursday, February 17, 2011

Santa & the Four Pizzas

After last year's near-visceral reaction to Santa Claus, we were curious to see how Austin would react to Santa Claus' visit to our street this year. I was pleasantly surprised that he was not freaked out at all, but neither was he very enthusiastic...that is until he found out he would be receiving a 'pop for his efforts. Then he was a fairly willing participant! McKenna didn't seem scared, just very perplexed by the fuzzy white haired man. She just stared at him the whole time.

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Thankfully Brian's mom came to see the event, otherwise we'd have no pictures. Brian missed the whole visit. Somehow we got our lines crossed and he thought he was picking up pizzas while running an errand and I thought we were having pizzas delivered while he ran the errand. So he had to wait for the pizzas to be made (because they accidentally delivered his pizzas to someone - me) missed the Santa visit, and came home to said delivered pizzas. Thankfully we really like pizza!

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