Thursday, February 3, 2011

10 Months

My little girl turned 10 months this week! Less than 2 months before she turns one. I'm still in awe! She gets more and more fun every single day. I'm so thankful for her!

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

New this month...

This month was marked by Cruisin'! McKenna has mastered pulling up on everything and is all over the house. Nothing is safe from her little grabby hands! Poor Austin has several toys that he can't have out at all while she's awake, cuz she'll get a hold and eat them! She's even transferring from the table to the couch and to the fireplace. And she has mastered pulling up on me! She knows just how to get my attention these days, but usually only does so when she's hungry.

Just like Austin, McKenna had a hard time learning to sit down. This was especially problematic for naptimes. For some reason, that's the last place she could/would figure it out. I guess when you're crazy tired, that drop down to your bottom seems like a big one! She'd hold on to the side of the crib with a death grip, bawling her sweet little eyes out. So pitiful but horribly cute too.

She just started walking with her push car around the house. We don't have a ton of space, but so far that hasn't been a problem. We didn't have one for Austin before he turned one (got one for his birthday) so I wonder if he would have walked earlier if we had. She does really good with it!

McKenna learned to wave and say goodbye about a week ago. She is very enthusiastic about it, saying it over and over and over, once she gets going. Getting her going isn't as easy though, but she's getting it. "Bye Bye" is her second official word. And just this week she learned to wave hello. I don't think she's saying it though.

She's mastered "Mama"! Nothing melts me more than going into her room to get her up from a nap and having her call out "Mama!" and crawl over to me! Oh I love that!

McKenna is learning to hold her own with Austin fairly well. The dynamics have changed from him wanting to play with whatever she decided to play with to her wanting to play with whatever he's playing with. She goes right for whatever is in his hands. He doesn't understand why he has to share, but she doesn't! I try to tell him it's cuz he taught her that! It's really cute to see them playing side by side though. She also puts up with the various bonks and pushes from him pretty well too. She actually thinks it's hilarious when he pushes her over, sits on her and tickles her, providing the push didn't bonk her head on something hard!

No new teeth this month, but we had to deal with the teething process all the same. Austin would always fuss about 2-4 weeks before his teeth actually cut through, but only for a few days. McKenna seems to be following that same pattern. She's fairly close to getting her top teeth though. One looks like it will cut in the next day or two.

Mastering solids is still slow going but I guess we're making progress. She took some steps backwards - refusing just about all purees for a couple weeks. I thought it was because of teething and then the cold that followed right afterwards, but now I'm feeling like it's because we took her off the reflux medicine at her last appointment, thinking she didn't need it anymore. Woops! She likes to feed herself though. She loves cheese & ritz crackers. The only problem is she's not horribly great at eating though. That pesky chewing and swallowing stuff gets her all messed up! Pretty much daily, she gets choked up on something. I have to keep a watchful eye on her!

On the plus side, she's taken to the sippy cup, somewhat. She doesn't drink a ton, but she's not as adverse to it as she it to the bottle. Baby steps!

She's starting to learn what she is and isn't supposed to be doing. Well, at least she has a little guilty conscious when she's doing what she's not supposed to be doing. She jumps so high when you catch her in the act!

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