Sunday, November 7, 2010

I Heart Vacations: Part 2, Happiest Place on Earth

After a day of rest to recover from Catalina, we took Austin to Disneyland for the first time. Brian and I have loved Disneyland together since we first started dating 14 years ago. We could not wait to get to share it with our kids and were so excited Austin was finally to the age that he could "get" it.

Poor McKenna didn't get to come. Actually we didn't want to subject her to a full, hot day in the stroller just so she could be with us. It was really hard to leave her though! It was her 1st full day away from Mommy. McKenna hates taking a bottle, so before this, the most she had been away from me before was for one feeding. That way if she wouldn't eat, it wouldn't be the end of the world. Even though she'd be in good hands with Auntie Suz and Nani, I was nervous, but I vowed to be a strong momma so that Austin could have a fun day.

And a fun day he had! From the first ride on The Jungle Cruise until the last moments of the day running through Toon Town, with the exception of a short breakdown, he was just a wide-eyed kid joyfully taking it all in.

He thought just about every ride looked like a train, so he was in choo-choo heaven.

Austin was very confused by The Jungle Cruise at first. It was the first stop and I'm pretty sure he thought they were all real animals for a bit!

Checking out the bird while in line for Pirates of the Caribbean - This is my favorite pic of the guys from the day!

And my favorite pic of me and my sweet boy! Trying to keep him patient while waiting to meet Pooh & Tigger!

He had NO desire to meet Winnie the Pooh at first. I'm such a nice momma...dragging him along when he obviously doesn't want to go!

I'm glad I pushed a bit though. He warmed up quickly and LOVED Pooh! He kept talking about him for hours.

Momma got in on the Pooh action too

And then we got to meet KKcghchgt! Otherwise, known as Tigger. He was much more enthusiastic about this encounter!

Austin loved Autopia. He's always trying to get into the front seat of the van to play with the steering wheel, so we knew he'd enjoy actually getting to steer! Poor thing couldn't see over the steering wheel though. In fact, you could just barely make out his hat over the top of the wheel! It made it hard to get a picture of him!

Horses are a close second to choo-choos in Austin's world, so he loved the Caroussel

Of course he was in true heaven when he got on the actual train that goes around the park. It was the perfect ride when he started to get really tired.

And then he just zonked out! So we walked around for a bit to give him the chance to recharge.

After his recharge, we hit Toon Town. He was so happy to just get to run around and pull on everything!

This is one of my favorite pictures of Brian from our very first trip to Disneyland together back in 1996!

So I had to have both my boys recreate it! Brian's still got it!

Austin doing his best to impress!

He loved Mickey's house

My boy is obsessed with phones too. But I thought it was hilarious that he actually recognized this as a phone with no prompting!

And he definitely knew all the parts of this instrument!

Probably the only 1.5 year old there that knew what a harp is! Nani would be so proud!

While not quite as loved as Tigger, Mickey was definitely recognized!

What a blessing to get to share one of our favorite places with Austin! Can't wait to take him again!

And as an added bonus, McKenna did great! It was such a relief! Thanks Auntie Suz & Nani for making that day possible!

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