Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hello Fishies

Our fun vacation week was capped off by a visit from the cousins! My niece and nephew had their first stay-over-with-the-grandparents weekend. Nani took them to the Long Beach Aquarium on Saturday and the kiddos and I decided to join in. I got a very insightful look to how life could be with four children. (5, 4, 1.5 & 3 months) It was a little intimidating! Really they all did great, the only challenge was my 1.5 year old that has listening/obedience issues.

It was a wonderful day though and the kids all enjoy each other so much! Austin adores his cousins!

All strapped in the minivan, watching a video. I think it was Monsters' Inc. Apparently it's a little scary!

Nani & her crew

Learning about the inside of a shark

Nani & Bryce touching a jelly fish. Austin touched one too! I was so impressed!

Austin's favorite place at each exhibit. He'd go right for the bottom corner and would just watch.

Three Sweet Kiddos

Monkey loves McKenna!

Always the happy tagalong!

My sweet Wiggles

Austin & his Nani

Feeding Lorakeets

Austin was fearless. Despite my protests (and the rules!), he kept trying to touch the birds. And the birds kept biting him! And he kept at it!

Monkey did so good with the birds!

Before we left, we splurged on some soft serve. Monkey really wanted to help Austin eat his. Usually that means eat it for him, but in this case he really wanted to help Austin!

Even wiped his mouth for him!

What a good cousin!

Good end to a good day!

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Mama Monkey said...

No one told me Wiggles brought her camera. Now I have to go find it and see what's on there. :) Great post. Love the car shot of all the kids watching Nemo.