Monday, November 15, 2010

Up Close & Personal...By Request

In August, my dad and brothers took a long hike in the Sierras. They are obsessed with low weight gear. I'm not sure obsessed is a strong enough word, but I can't think of anything stronger. Example: my dad carries a flashlight that's essentially just a teeny tiny LED light that weighs all of .3 oz or something like that. His tent weighs like 1.5 lbs. (You'd have to ask him the exact ounces, which I'm sure he knows!) It's slightly excessive to say the least. At least to someone like me who has zero interest in hiking for that long no matter how beautiful a hike it is!

Other than his love for diminutively weighted objects, my dad also loves photography. And you can't go hiking in the Sierras without a camera! He has a really nice, but big SLR camera. You can see how these two loves are in conflict with each other!

But thankfully, my camera, while still being a good sized SLR camera, is not as big of a good sized camera. (Bear with me, I'm getting somewhere with this) In fact, my camera body and lens weighs less than half of his camera body and lens. Granted, that only means it's 1.2 lbs lighter, but every ounce counts. Apparently. So it made perfect sense for him to borrow my camera for the week and for me to borrow his. And I got to borrow all his goodies that go with his camera while I was at it! Definitely a win-win situation!

Okay, getting to the real point of the post. My dad has a really nice macro lens. One that I would have to sell one of my children if it were to break and I needed to reimburse him for it! He requested that while I was borrowing his stuff, I practice with his macro lens to see if I could get a good shot of Austin's eyelashes. Of course, trying to take a picture of a zippy nearly two year old's eyelashes is easier said than done, but I did get one in focus!

So as requested, Dad...

It's not quite as up close & personal as that lens can get but it's as up close & personal as that lens can get to a moving target...with sticky fingers...that likes to poke lenses...really expensive lenses.

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