Sunday, December 5, 2010

Play Dates Continued - Life's a Beach!

For as close as we live to the beach, we hardly ever go. It isn't exactly easy with two kids and all the gear that's involved. (Although, really I can't use that as an excuse, because I hardly every went before I had kids either!) Plus our weather wasn't exactly agreeable for many beach days. So I was way excited when our beach day play date arrived and it was a sunny day. It is so much easier going to the beach with other moms! I was able to play with Austin in the water, (which he hated!) while McKenna slept in the tent.

As usual, Austin loved the sand!

And as usual, we went with our best buds, Jack, Sammy & Luke!

Jack & Luke liked the water immensely more than Austin.

Luke, however, did not enjoy the sand as much as Austin!

Somehow I ended up with no good shots of any of the other kids or mommies. I guess I focus on taking pics of my & Rebecca's kids a little too much! But Rebecca got some here, including pics of Austin enjoying the water not so much and McKenna flirting with her boyfriend.

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