Monday, December 13, 2010

Fat Guy In A Little Coat

Blame Auntie Becca for the post title. I tried to think of a cute & sweet title for McKenna's first swing experience, but all I hear is Chris Farley singing "Fat guy in a little coat. Fat guy in a little coooat." I was showing her the pics of McKenna and she says "Um...I hope you don't take offense but it kinda reminds me..." It's hard to be offended when she's right! So the title is sticking! Good thing by the time McKenna can read and has the capability of being offended, she'll know that Auntie Becca loves her and maybe she won't be offended either.

So yeah, just past 5 months old, McKenna got to ride on the swings for the first time! We went to Entradero Park by my parents' house. Just like her big brother, she loved it! Big smiles almost the whole time, except for a few "Stop the ride!" looks here and there.

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Not so sure about this!

(I'm pretty sure in that one, if she had the gross motor skill to put one hand in the air and one hand over her mouth, she would have!)

Having fun again

Eh, not so much again

And happy again...

Always good to end on a good note!

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