Thursday, December 9, 2010

Hello Again Fishies!

Our next playdate was at the aquarium. Austin didn't care that we had just been there with cousins a week before. He just liked being with his friends.

And he liked getting wet!

The aquarium has a really fun water area that squirts.

Everyone enjoyed the touch tanks
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As usual, McKenna enjoyed coming along for the ride

I particularly liked the new otter exhibit! Otters are in my top 5 animals!

I thought the exhibit sponsor was funny (funny ironic, not funny ha ha)


Austin toddled around after Jack. I love that they are such good buddies! Once again, it was nice that he had a hand to hold! But Jack also forgets that Austin is so much smaller than he is, so they went down a few times!

And I just thought these were beautiful! What an amazing creator we have!

**Yes, I know that's not actually a toucan. But that's what Brian decided they were while we were on our honeymoon. So they've been toucans ever since. Ask Brian to do an otter impression too. It's pretty darn cute!

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