Friday, December 10, 2010

Shiney Happy People

There is one positive point to being so far behind in blogging - I get to relive the summer through my pictures. I had so much fun this summer! Hopefully my kids did too! Actually I know they did, but really they won't remember it either way, I suppose.

I think some of my favorite memories will be the days where we actually didn't do anything or go anywhere special. Just some ordinary at-home days when we tried to mix things up so things weren't quite so ordinary. There were lots of days this summer that, due to odd McKenna nap times or mommy just lagged at getting everyone dressed, we just didn't make it out. Sometimes, before I knew it, it was lunch time (and naptime followed shortly afterward) and we had hardly done anything fun or productive. So when those days came and the sun was actually shining, we had front yard picnic days. They were the perfect remedy for a cooped up, rambuncious nearly 2 year old! A badly needed dose of fresh (well, as fresh as it gets around here) air and sun rays!

Austin seemed to really like it! He'd scarf down his lunch as quickly as he could, so he could get up and go run around with the stick we used to turn on the sprinklers.

Gotta love good chewing shots!

And McKenna got some good tummy time in. Perfectly happy as long as I didn't try to put her on the evil grass.

She's a happy kid, but she was especially happy to be outside I guess. Her smile just melts me!

And this particular day happened to be her first day sitting!

Still needs some work!

Gosh, this kid makes me smile! He is what you get if you tried to bottle joy!

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