Sunday, December 12, 2010

More Fun with Cousins

How better to follow up a day of whale watching with cousins than a pool playdate with the very same cousins the very next day? I thought Austin was going to have a joy-filled conniption when I told him we would see them again. Once a month Auntie Suz & I get together with my aunt, my cousin and another friend and quilt. Since my cousin lives very close to my aunt and has a pool (and we actually had beautiful weather for multiple days in a row) it made sense to plan a playdate at their house before quilting one month.

I gotta thank whoever designed their pool. It was made specifically for moms with multiple little kids. The shallow end is more of a wading pool and it gradually gets down to 5 feet or so. While he did do a few face plants, followed by frantic splashing and gasping for air, for the most part Austin was able to get himself into the pool and walk around fairly well without assistance. I, of course, stayed close for those rare face plants, but it made it so much easier to play with both kids at the same time.

Really, Austin had very little interest in swimming. Just like in Catalina, we had some "mandatory" swim time in order to work up his comfort level, but for the most part Austin was only interested in filling and pouring out buckets of water. Apparently "digging" in water is just as much fun as digging in sand.

But mostly he just had a ball with the cousins. They splashed around and kicked together. He figured out how to get Eric's Lightning McQueen crocs on. They played with water guns. It was a wonderful day! Thanks Laurinda!

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