Thursday, December 30, 2010

I (Still) Heart Baby Showers

My first post of October! I'm catching up! I'm catching up!

I really do heart baby showers! Very little beats getting to celebrate the pending birth of a new munchkin! Next on the baby shower schedule - Amanda Kirsch, a great friend I used to work with. (We bonded quickly on her first day at work when we realized we both really, really like dill pickles and we've been good buddies ever since!) She sure made one cute preggo as she awaited her little girl! (You'll have to wait until I get to the birth of her little girl to find out the name, since that's when everyone else got to find out too. Just seems fitting!)

How cute is this belly? I heart baby bellies too!

The Momma and the Grand-mommas

I need to point out the best baby shower game I've played. My team won...of course! (I get slightly competitive with showers games.)

Some of her cute gifts

I believe this was an heirloom

A cute diaper cake!

Holding up my gift. I loved making this quilt!

A close-up of an owl

Tune in a few weeks from now to see her sweet baby!

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