Saturday, December 11, 2010

Watching Whales

The last week of August we went on an amazing whale watching trip with cousins! August is not typically whale watching season around here, but there was an unusual number of blue whales in the nearby waters this year. Even if we didn't see a single whale, there are usually a lot of dolphins teeming about the boat that I was sure Austin would love. And if Austin loves boats even a smidgen of how much Brian loves boats, then just being on the boat would be joy enough!

Austin loves his cousins! He's a couple years younger, but he happily tags along after them and they seem to really enjoy having "Austy" around too!

Austin didn't enjoy the whale watching trip itself as much as I would have hoped. He loved being with his cousins and he loved being on the boat for a while, but didn't get the concept of whale watching. I guess it's kinda hard for a little kid to patiently stare out into the open ocean, when he doesn't know what he's looking for! There weren't any dolphins around the boat to hold his attention either. And it was harder than I thought to keep him safe with two little feet on the floor. To be honest, it probably would have been easier to watch him if I hadn't been staring out into the open ocean with a camera pressed to my face anxiously awaiting a sighting!

Despite a little stir crazy little guy, I had a great time! I'm a science/animal geek to the core and loved every moment. We saw not one or two blue whales, but seven!! And they were really close! They were amazing and even more impressive than I imagined. Do you know that their hearts are the size of a VW bug?? That's just mind blowing to me!

Cousin (Auntie) Laurinda & Jake

How cute is Jake! I just wanna eat those little cheeks!

The older boys, Eric & Nick

All the little boys (we also went with my cousin's friend & her boys) dutifully looking for water spouts

My little seafarer

Thar she blows!

I love the continuous drive on my camera. Although it wasn't until later (much later - remember the mama brain?) that I remembered my camera takes video! Woops! You'll just have to settle for the pieced together one. :|

Taking a break to explore the seating

He did have a happy time playing on the stairway.

I know I say it a lot, but gosh, I sure like this kid!

The three of us (I swear McKenna is in there)

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