Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Another Great (Grandparents') Day

It had been several months since my grandparents had seen the kids, so we scheduled a day to go out with my mom to Orange County. My aunt & uncle brought my cousin's little girl 'M' again and my other aunt and uncle came for the day to join in on the fun. Not nearly as much crying this time as last time and the kids played so good together! I'm sure we wore Grandma & Grandpa out, but it was a great day!

"M" is still one of the cutest little girls ever!

Austin always the goofball!

(He's trying to ride that little tractor)

McKenna was a happy girl this time!

The three great grandkiddos

She loves her Nani!

Great Grandma & my kids

Great Grandma & her girls

McKenna & Aunt Jody

Austin got all snuggly with Aunt Jody & let her read to him. And he doesn't let just anyone read to him!

We also got a visit with Grandpa Steinmeyer in. McKenna was much awake than last time! I think they practiced matching their expressions too.

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