Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Great (Grandparents) Day

In recent posts, you may have noticed my mom wearing a neck brace. She's still all messed up from her trip down the stairs at Christmas. Up until a weeks ago, she wasn't even allowed to take it off to drive, which meant no driving since it's nearly impossible to look over your shoulder with a neck brace on.

Every week my mom goes out to Orange County to visit both sets of Grandparents. She takes her Dad to visit her mom, (She has Alzheimer's and is in a home) and helps him run errands. And then on the way home she visits with my dad's parents. Since she can't drive, she's had to rely on other people to get her out there. So I offered to be her chauffeur a few weeks ago and took the opportunity to introduce McKenna to all her maternal Great Grandparents in one day. It had been a while since they had been able to see Austin too, so they were more than happy to have us come visit!

We had a wonderful day!

We started out visiting my mom's parents.

Grandpa shared some of the chocolate he had brought for Grandma with Austin.

Grandpa and his two Great Grandbabies

Next we visited my dad's parents. My aunt, my cousin's wife and their little girl were all able to make it out for the visit too. Maddie is just a month younger than Austin. They had a good time playing together!

Maddie is one of the most beautiful little girls ever!

My Grandma is a bonafide baby whisperer. She can calm literally any baby. McKenna cried for everyone that day but her!

My Aunt Becky and the kiddos

My Grandpa doing his best to calm a tired McKenna

Favorite moment of the day - Trying to get a pic with the three great grandkids. The two girls decided to be a little drama, while Austin was just trying to figure out what their problem was!

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