Saturday, May 22, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

This was my 2nd official Mother's Day but really it was the 3rd one that counts. I was pregnant with Austin 3 years ago and while I didn't get to hold him in my arms that Mother's Day, I still was holding him and in my heart it counts! Each Mother's Day has been better and sweeter than the last though. It might be because I got to celebrate being a mommy to another kidlet, but I have a feeling that every Mother's Day is going to be more wonderful because I get to look back on another year of joy.

I know Mother's Day is more or less a fabricated holiday for Hallmark to boost some revenues, but that doesn't matter to me. Sure, it's nice to be appreciated, but I view it more as a day for me to celebrate my blessings! The night before, I went to bed with the anticipation of a 5 year old on Christmas Eve. And that's not just in anticipation of what present Brian the kids got me this year. Don't get me wrong, I'm ecstatic to the point of pure giddiness over my new camera! I seriously thought I was getting an iPod Nano to replace the one that was stolen from my car. But truly my kids are present enough! And the joy I get from being their mommy trumps everything else! Gosh, I love this day!

Okay, enough gushing! I know you really just wanna see pics of me and my cute kiddos. Well, mostly just the cute kiddos right?!

Saturday we took our moms to Hoff's Hut for a wonderful lunch. Sunday we had a sweet day just the four of us. I had hoped to sleep in but both kids decided they loved me so much, they wanted to tell me early!! We went out for lunch Sunday at BJ's. I don't have any pics of Sunday, cuz the new camera hadn't come yet!

Austin hamming it up, laughing at Papa

My sweet McKenna in her cheery sunshine dress.

The three mommies

My beautiful family! The first pic of us as a foursome too.

Me and my ladybug

Three generations

A boy and his favorite Daddy

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