Thursday, December 16, 2010


The day we went whale watching with the cousins actually was a much more hectic day than it sounded. The whale watching trip was a last minute add. We didn't have anything going (or so I thought) so we quickly got moving, packing up a lunch and getting dressed. About 5 minutes after we reserved our spots on the boat, my neighbor came to the door. He does work about the property for our landlord and one of the items on his list was tiling our bathroom. We had a leak from our shower & our toilet that had ruined the linoleum and was rotting the floor underneath. He and Brian had talked possible dates to get the work done, but nothing had been finalized. (Or so we thought)

So, like I said, 5 minutes after we booked our spots on the boat, he comes to the door, ready to tackle our bathroom. I'm still in pajamas, my house is a mess and I'm midway through packing us up to go. He and Brian hadn't talked specifics about how long the project would take. He thought we could stay at the house while he worked, but the idea of spending all day in the house with him, while nursing McKenna and having to worry about construction noise waking my kids from their naps did not sound like a good time. So instead, we had thrown about the idea of staying with my parents while the work was done. He was thinking we'd only be out of a working bathroom for a day or two.

I asked him to give me 30 minutes (since that's when we had to leave for whales) and promptly called my mom. ", remember how much fun it was a few weeks ago when we stayed the night? How would you feel about doing that again...tonight...and maybe the next?" Thankfully she thinks we are a joy to have over and agreed. She also agreed to meet me at my house when we got back from whale watching to help me pack up what we might need for the next few days. More than an hour and a full van later, we started our stay-cation at Nani & Papa's house.

Our short stay-cation was anything but though. Our neighbor wasn't exactly planning ahead or thinking horribly thoroughly before demolishing our bathroom. He tore up our bathroom THEN measured THEN ordered tile. The tile wouldn't be in until Friday. THEN he realized it was a holiday weekend and he had plans. THEN he underestimated how many days it would take to actually tile the floor and grout it and let it sit before we could get back in there. Our two day stay-cation was just shy of two weeks. We got back in our house Friday afternoon of the following week. :| That will be the last time he does work in our house! However, the tile is beautiful!

Despite the inconvenience of being displaced from our house for so long, we had a great two weeks! It was a ton of fun staying with my parents. Austin was in heaven and my parents were too! Grandkids morning, noon and night! And I was in heaven because I got to SLEEP IN! My mom would take care of Austin in the morning and I got to sleep until McKenna woke up. Austin was on a 6:30am kick at that time, so getting another hour or so was sooo refreshing!

We got to do so many fun things over at Nani & Papa's too! So get ready for lots of pics!

Austin & Papa had lots of snuggling and video time

and of course they played with trains

while McKenna had some floor time with her toys.

We got to take a trip to the Wilson Park Trains with Nani. And look who we ran into! (Big Surprise! =D )

My mom got Austin into a gigglefest there.

Baths were enjoyed by all little people

Austin "talked" on the phone with Papa & Nani

We played with playdough

And made silly faces while eating watermelon.

Austin and Nani played the piano together

And then McKenna got in on the fun!

It really was a wonderful couple weeks! My parents claim that we can come back and stay as long as we'd like, but I think they were also a little happy to have their house back and not covered in toys, clothes & diapers!

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