Sunday, April 3, 2011

Happier-est Place On Earth!

Just a few short weeks after we bought our passes, we made the pilgrimage again to the Happiest Place on Earth. But this time we went with friends and that made it the even Happier-est Place on Earth! We went with two other families that have kids Austin's age and they all had a ball!

"S" is about 18 months older than her little brother "M" and Austin and she did a great job leading them around! Once again, Austin was more than happy to let her hold his hand! And I was happy that he was just holding onto anyone's hand!
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This trip we braved Tarzan's Treehouse (formerly the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse). I had NO IDEA the quad workout I was going to get when we started it. I hurt for days afterward. It's a climb already, but I also had McKenna strapped to me! Austin had just recently seen the movie Tarzan, so he was really excited to see all the characters. That is, until he was looking at the jaguar with Daddy right as it growled!

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At the bottom of the tree (can't tell you how happy I was to be done with the stairs!) they have cute area where you can play on some "instruments" and the kids had fun banging around!

After lunch we headed over to California Adventure to see the Disney Playhouse stage show. All our kids adore the Disney shows and were very excited to see their favorite characters in person. "M" was adorable watching the show! He couldn't hardly stop bouncing!

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We took McKenna on her very first Carousel ride! She loved it but at the same time wasn't 100% sure of it! It was similar to her first ride on the swings!
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The older kids loved it though!

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We also got to meet Woody! Austin was very shy again - Wouldn't look at and didn't want to touch him, but as soon as we left he couldn't stop saying "Bye Woody!" and talking about him!
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"S" is not at all shy and does such a good job getting the characters' signatures!

The whole Robinson family.

Other fun pics from the day...

"M" & his daddy, Justin
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McKenna enjoying the day!

I love my girly's eyes in this pic!

Austin & "P" sporting ice cream goaties

I love how the King Arthur's Carousel looks at night! I heart Disneyland!

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