Friday, April 29, 2011

Everybody Sharts!

Okay, before my mom starts gasping that I'm using foul language on my blog, you may remember from my monthly/quarterly updates that Austin has a unique style of pronouncing the word "fort". It comes out "shart!" And it has also been turned into a verb in this house, as in "Momma sharts!" and it can be used in the present progressive tense, as "Daddy is sharting!" Didn't know you were going to get a grammar review when you click on a post called "Everybody Sharts!", didya?!

Sharting/forting used to be a common past-time around the Crowley household, played almost daily for a long while, but is a little less common now. I would love how excited Austin would get about playing though! He would insist that EVERYONE played - he would very frequently exclaim "Momma shart, Daddy shart, Aus shart, you shart!" It was so often repeated and with such enthusiasm that I was determined to capture it on video.

So all that is a bit of a explanation/translation of the video below. Enjoy!

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