Friday, April 15, 2011

Cabrillo Aquarium

We had a whale watching trip planned with our friends, Kathy, "N" & "E", that sold out before we got our tickets, but because we had the day already set aside for a playdate, we decided to turn it into a trip to the Cabrillo Aquarium. It is only about a half hour from us, but I seriously haven't been there since I was probably 12! Every year, (I think. At least it seemed like it, but it could have only been twice for all I know!) our family & the Millers would go there to see the grunion run. I think Austin is a little young to appreciate the millions upon millions of fishies but someday we will have to go!

It was really fun to take Austin to the aquarium and hang out with his buddies. "N" & "E" are two of the sweetest boys ever and we love spending time with them!

Making waves

"N" on a whale tail

Swallowed by a shark

"N" makes a pretty cute grunion!
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Our short squirts compared to a few whale vertebra

Touching some sea stars

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