Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Little Boy Heaven

Austin got a ton of great toys for his birthday and then just a few months later, he got even more great toys for Christmas. But because there is such a long lull between Christmas and his birthday again, we make a point to only open a few of the new toys a month. Otherwise he's dying for something new by the time his birthday rolls around again.

After seeing the near-visceral excitement over his Handy Manny tools from Christmas, I decided it was time to bust out his birthday gift from Auntie Suz & Uncle Ryan. Tools! You would think he died and went to heaven! He LOVES LOVES LOVES it! It's this great set of 3 vehicles that come completely apart, along with a screw driver and drill to do so. I thought it was still going to be above his skill level, but I was wrong! He is just now getting the coordination to use the screw driver, but he was quickly able to maneuver the drill perfectly after a just few pointers.

All little boys should have these tools! They're awesome! And while I say that, I do have to shamefully admit that I have no idea who makes them! It's not written anywhere on the toys. So um...good luck finding them!

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