Saturday, April 2, 2011

Super Why

In an effort to continue to cultivate Austin's love of the alphabet, we've been playing alphabet games on the computer. A friend mentioned "Super Why" and even though it's a show we don't watch because we don't get the channel, Austin loves the games. He's also learning how to control the computer mouse at the same time. We got him a special mouse designed for kids and he loves it! When I shot this video, he still needed some assistance with it, but now he is getting really good at controlling it. Better than some adults I've seen! There are two that he's able to handle by himself where he just needs to click on the letters they call out. This kid would play them all day long if we let him! He also likes them because the character wears a tool belt just like Handy Manny and makes sure that he points out all the tools that happen to appear anywhere on the website!

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One Tired Momma said...

Have you seen WordWorld? It's super cute and Zach loves it!