Monday, September 27, 2010

Happy Half Birthday, Lady Bug!

(This was written last week. I just totally lagged on uploading her Pooh pic!)

This was a busy busy month for McKenna it seemed! I feel like she turned from infant to baby overnight!

New this month...

We have a sitter! She's pretty darn good at it too! I wouldn't say she's got it down completely. She has a knack for only flinging herself backwards when I don't have a pillow behind her, or falling smack on her face when I do put the pillow behind her and incorrectly assume that's good enough! But mostly she's doing really good. It amazes me how dramatic the learning curve is for milestones like that. That Sunday she couldn't sit more than 2 seconds by herself and Monday she could sit 15 minutes as long as she didn't try to look at the ceiling! It's like it just clicked!

McKenna is gradually getting more mobile. She can scoot a good ways backward. It doesn't seem to be quite on purpose yet, but she can make pretty good ground quickly. She usually backs herself into the leg of a coffee table and then gets stuck. Just needs to work on her trajectory, I guess!

She LOVES her toys. I don't remember Austin being as attached to his toys. But her happy feet get a-kickin' as soon as you bust out any toy for her. She already has a long attention span. As long as she doesn't accidentally scoot herself away from all her toys, she will play for as long as I leave her down there usually. If I want her to sleep in the car, I have to take away all her toys. If she has anything in arms' reach or in eyesight, she will rarely fall asleep now.

Other than heatwave induced insomnia, McKenna is a great sleeper! She doesn't really like being rocked to sleep. Occasionally she's snuggle in for a good rocking, but I discovered that when she starts struggling against the swaddle and arching away from me, that the best course of action is to just lay her down and let her fall asleep on her own. As long as the binkie stays in and her Sea Horse is still playing lullabies, she quickly drifts off to sleep! And when she wakes up prematurely (usually due to a not-so-quiet almost 2 year old), that combo works to put her right back to sleep usually. If she's really ready to get up, she wakes up happy and bright eyed.

We tried solids a few times a few weeks ago. Not an overwhelmingly positive response, but she did okay. Since she literally stole a piece of peach out of my hand, I thought she was very ready for solids. She didn't dislike what we fed her but also didn't act like it was the best thing since, well, breastmilk. So I decided to hold off a few more weeks.

Still doesn't take a bottle! So frustrating. Granted, we really haven't tried a ton still. Just a few times here and there. She did take a whopping 1.5 oz the other night with minimal fussing. That's was a rare but big success!

She is becoming loud! Just like her brother! In fact, she has adopted the exact same pitch when she shrieks. They're mostly happy shrieks, but they're also usually overly tired shrieks. She has a myriad of other odd sounds she makes but I don't know how to describe them. They're all horribly entertaining though and come with the silliest expressions. I'm trying to capture them all on video.

We have a roller! Okay, not technically by 6 months old, but 6 months and 2 days is dang close enough. And since I haven't pushed "publish" on this post yet, I'm counting it. She literally just rolled back to front as soon as I finished a paragraph about how she doesn't roll still! She likes to make me out to be a liar, I guess! Still doesn't go front to back much. She did it once this month and either scared herself or rolled into a toy. Either way, she cried and hasn't done it since.

She is developing such a cute sense of humor. It's funny that it can start so young! She loves to hold onto my arm while I'm trying to change her diaper and then when I get my arm free, she either grabs it again, giggling, or kicks her legs like crazy, giggling. She knows already how to be purposefully silly. I am adoring getting to know this fun personality!

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