Monday, September 6, 2010

June July Gloom Play Date

We had planned for a beach day early in July, but the weird weather but a nix on that. So instead, we had an indoor picnic at Rachel's house. She's got a great place that overlooks most of Torrance, with lots of room for kids to play and lots of toys to do so with! The kids all play so good together too. It's really fun that there are so many all about the same age!

The picnic

We were happy to get to have Nicole join us for once! She had ankle surgery and had to miss out on several playdates. Kinda hard to run around the park with a behemoth of a cast!

McKenna was just excited to not have to be in the carseat/stroller for once!

Our cute little buddy, "M", playing the piano. He looks like he has good form already!

Jackson, with one of his great loves in life - a helicopter!

Our little buddy, "C", enjoying the tunnel. He has the most delicious blue eyes and curly hair!

Austin, practicing his banking skills

McKenna's boyfriend Sam and future Mother-in-law, Rebecca (How long do you think we have before the kids hate us for calling them that? But hey, there's a shortage of good men in the world - might as well lay claims now while she can!)

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