Wednesday, September 1, 2010

5 Months Already?

New this month...

She's mobile! Well, maybe mobile isn't quite the right word. We have movement? Whatever you want to call it - she can turn around in a circle while on her belly or on her back and can wiggle a short distance on her back, including right off the couch! So no more laying her on the couch while I attend to big brother! Woops!

She found her feet! First she found her left foot and then a couple days later she got a hold of the right foot. Kinda funny to see her going for it but not quite having the stomach muscles to get it up high enough. I think that is just the cutest pose for a baby - both feet in hands, smiling up at you!

Wow, is this girl full of sunshine! She is one smiley little ball of happiness! As long as you aren't trying to feed her from a bottle or the occasional times that she can't figure out a nap, she is so joyful! I love it! Her personality is already such a blessing!

She hates taking a bottle! She's only been babysat a few times because of this, but when she has had to stay with someone, it's a struggle! Auntie Suz finally figured out that it went okay as long as she's not in any position that even remotely resembles nursing - Standing up facing away from the feeder so far has been the most successful. Unfortunately that's really tiring for the person holding her!

She's turning into a little giggle machine. You hardly have to work for them anymore. Neck kisses are usually your best bet, but a good ol' game of peekaboo will definitely do the trick too! Her belly laughs still kinda sound like she's crying though.

She hit even more milestones in this last month. Grabbing toys with both hands and bringing them to her mouth, etc.

She loves my hair. While I'm rocking her she'll often grab or bat at my hair. It seems to be relaxing for her too, as it speeds up the falling asleep process. Unfortunately, it sometimes hurts! So I'm trying to not let it be a "necessity" for naptime.

Tummy time is going great! She hardly fusses at all on her tummy anymore, unless she's been stuck there for a long time. She plays with her toys really well from her stomach too - she's realizing that she can do more fun stuff when she's off her back.

I thought she'd be rolling by now, but it's still not happening. But she is getting even closer on back-to-front rolling. She gets very far up on her side when she wants to see something over her shoulder. But for tummy-to-back, though, she doesn't seem interested. When she's done on her tummy she just buries her face in the blanket and whines. It's pretty pitiful!

She loves her daddy! For as wary of him as she used to be, you could never tell! She watches him no matter where he is in the room and her whole countenance lights up at the sight of him! I'm so glad too. Austin loves Brian so much, I was hoping McKenna would take to him too!

McKenna loves to stand! It amazes me too, cuz Austin wouldn't put any weight on his legs until he was much older. She's been standing pretty well for a month or too now. She can stand from sitting with just the slightest upward pull on her hands. It's pretty impressive.

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