Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Under the Sea

(Note - most of the pics are Rebecca's. I failed Photography 101 and didn't bother to charge my battery. So I only got to take pictures for the first 15 minutes or so. Woops!)

Under the Sea is an indoor playground very near our house. It's similar to Kid Concepts in theory, but they are geared towards littler kids and have pretty different equipment. We really liked the facility and I thought we would have gone again since, but with the weather being as mild as it has been, we haven't really had the need for indoor playdates. If we have another "Heat Wave 2010", maybe we'll go back.

We had a small playdate that week - just Austin, Jack & "C". And of course Sammy & McKenna tagged along but they just mostly sat/slept there looking cute and adorable!

Sammy did good in a little swing they had, but McKenna was still a little small for it and was particularly not excited to try it out, so I didn't get any pictures of her in it. But Rebecca got a good one of Sam.

Sammy practiced some standing...

And McKenna practiced some sleeping...

Austin really liked this place. Actually he just liked all their cars. He spent the majority of the time getting in and out of the little Flintstone style cars. Not riding them around, not pushing them. Just getting in, sitting for a moment, then getting back out. They had about 20 cars, so it easily kept his attention. He would let me push him around every once in a while, but mostly he just liked to get in and out!

Jack liked the cars too. Although he made sounds and puttered around much more than Austin did.

Mostly, I just think Austin was in awe that someone would entrust him with a vehicle!

There were a ton of fun things that he was just not interested in because all he wanted was the cars. I'd stick him in the bounce house...he got mad...

...and went back to the cars. I got him to go down a slide (read carried him to the top and gently pushed)...he got all freaked out (granted it was a steep fast slide! Woops!)

and went back to the cars.

He did play with the trains and legos for about 5 minutes and went back to the cars. Once Jack found the trains, he abandoned his love for the little cars and stayed put for the rest of the time. That kid does like trains!

The only other thing he thoroughly enjoyed was the little roller coaster they had. He figured out how to get up onto it all by himself, although usually sat down backwards, and push off. He had so much fun! My camera battery of course died while he was having said fun, so I didn't get to document much of it!

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