Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Monkey

"I'm four years old!" We heard that phrase about 15 times at my nephew Monkey's birthday party. I think he was excited to be turning four! He is such a sweet, fun little spirit and it was a joy to get to celebrate his birthday with him!

The birthday boy and his cake

Momma Robin did an awesome job on his cake. Anyone who has ever starred a birthday cake knows how tired her forearm must have been after she was done!

Austin thoroughly enjoyed himself! He was quite the ladies' man for the day. Wiggles and her friends toured him about the house and chased him around. It was very cute to see.

McKenna & her Papa

McKenna & her cousin Wiggles

Austin & his Nani

Austin also thoroughly enjoyed himself in the jumper. He couldn't quite figure out the jumping part, so he crawled all over it. He just liked being in with the big kids!

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