Sunday, September 19, 2010

Happy 40 Years!!

July 18th my Godparents, Greg & Helen Miller, celebrated 40 years of married bliss! They have always been such a blessing in my life, so it was a pleasure to get to commemorate such an accomplishment with them! The day before their anniversary, they held a party with family and friends. And since the friends consisted of old (as in long ago, not old as in old people old, although I guess that applied to some too!) Ascension friends and new Life Covenant friends, I figured after Greg & Helen, I probably knew more people there than anyone else! It was really fun to see some of their family I hadn't seen in a while too!

The happy couple

Their sons, daughters-in-law & 3 of 5 of the grandkids

Their newest grandbaby

McKenna & her Papa

McKenna & Daddy, showing off her party dress

The Miller boys and the Wiley boys with their kindergarten teacher, Ms. Weichmann

Thank you Greg & Helen for being a wonderful model of a godly husband and wife! I hope in another 32 years, Brian and I will be surrounded by just as many people who love us and have had their lives touched by us, as you did that evening!


On a completely separate note based on a personal experience from that night - Just a word of advice to those (men in particular, but women may also benefit from this) who may wondering when it is and when it is not okay to comment to a woman about expecting a baby. Unless she is currently pushing said baby out, it's better to play it safe and not comment! When you make such a comment and you are mistaken, you are likely to make a woman feel not so great about herself and you end up feeling like a doofus. However, when said woman is currently holding her 4 month old baby and you make such a just look retarded!

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