Monday, October 18, 2010

Happy Birthday My Little Man!

I can't believe I have a two year old! Where did my little 7 pound baby go? I can recall everything about the moment the doctor handed him to me. I adore this little boy with everything that I am and cannot imagine my life without him! What a joy and a blessing he has been!

New this month...

He's been 2 for two weeks now, but due to the chaos of getting his party together coupled with a kiddo that refuses to sit and smile for his Pooh pic, I'm just now getting to writing this post, so I'm going to write it as of today.

It was easy to teach Austin how old he was turning. Two is his favorite number. I suppose it's easy to have a favorite number when you only know three of them! It took him a couple days to get it, but now when you ask him how old he is, he very enthusiastically responds, "TWO!!!!"

If I thought Austin's vocabulary was bloomin' before, it is exploding now! He has just finally started into the "mimic" stage of his speech. (where he repeats a word right after hearing it for the 1st time, rather than us saying several times) We didn't really discover this until last Thursday. Austin fell down while rough housing with me and was fussing. When I asked him what hurt, Brian said "I think he landed on his butt". Austin promptly agreed, "My butt!" When we started giggling, he started going "My butt, my butt, my butt..." Woops! Maybe we need to giggle on the inside, as well as watch what we say now! Gotta go reinforce some more appropriate words, apparently! He's picking up several words a day now, rather than a few a week. It's so fun!

Each month it seems he has a new word or phrase that I just love! This month it's "Hi, Baby!" Most of the time he greets me with cheerful "Hi, Momma!" when he gets up from a nap or when I pick him up from babysitting. And I usually respond with "Hi, Baby!" He has picked up the way I say it and will repeat it back, often several times. I don't know why I love it so much, but I guess it's because it's something sweet just between the two of us.

Another favorite phrase - SuBooz (like Cebu): that's Suz & Boomer together. They're like Brangelina I guess!

We're pretty sure Austin calls McKenna "Austin". He started out calling her "Sisth", but in the last couple weeks, he started calling her "Aus". So the best we can figure he's calling her Austin. He refers to himself as "Me", but won't call himself "Austin".

He likes to name everyone in the room rather emphatically. Pointing to each of us, "Momma! Dada! Aunt Suz! Aus!!" Pointing to himself, "Me!" Then he starts all over and does it again.

Austin is trying so hard to figure out jumping. He is always bouncing up and down. He occasionally gets both feet off the ground, but usually just one. I love watching his determination mixed with enthusiasm at the same time.

He is such a wonderful big brother! He gently pets McKenna's head if she's fussing, happily brings her toys when I ask him to, and is always wanting to hug & pick her up. (His attempt to pick her up is funny, since she weighs about 1/2 of what he does. She doesn't get far!) He still doesn't quite get it that he can't sit or lean on her, but he is a hundred times more gentle with her than he was before!

I can't believe Austin is as big as he is. He just outgrew a bunch of clothes that I remember thinking he'd never really fit into! It makes me sad that I can't cradle him again like I cradle McKenna, but I adore having a two year old! I cannot wait to see what this next year has in store. For what he'll discover and learn and how his personality will expand and change.

Happy (Belated) Birthday Little Man!

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