Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My Little Michael Phelps

A few weeks ago, I signed up for Mommy & Me swim classes with Austin. We're taking classes once a week. Jack and Rebecca come too, which is so fun! We splash around in the water and sing songs that get them used to it.

Austin loves it! I thought he would after seeing how excited he gets in the bath tub, but I thought he would possibly get upset with going under water, but he didn't. Hasn't cried once! He's not crazy about water in his eyes, but I think he's getting used to it quickly. The instructor was really impressed with how good he did. Especially with going under water and his floating. He's more relaxed than most kids his age, I guess!

Rebecca's momma came along for our 2nd class last week to take video and pics! Thanks Phyllis!

Doggy Paddle. He didn't do this the 1st week but he's gotten so good at crawling in the last few weeks, I think he figured he could do it in the water too!

See how good he floats!

My little splasher & squirting Jack with a toy

In this exercise we send him back and forth between me and the instructor. It gets him used to putting his arms out and moving forward in the water. This was the 1st time she put him under the water like that and he did good.

Splashes and Jack practicing his "Humpty Dumpty's" and floating.

Hokey Pokey

Ring Around the Rosey

Standing on the shelf by himself

All four swimmers

Getting dried off

You can see more pics on Rebecca's blog (

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