Sunday, June 14, 2009

First Hair Cut

I finally caved and cut my baby boy's hair. He had an audition for a Gymboree photo shoot (no, he didn't get the job. :( Hopefully next time!) and I didn't want his crazy hair (you know this - his long sideburn...his Padawan Learner braid...his Hasidic Jew peyot) to keep him from getting a modeling job.

I've been putting it off because in my mind when I cut my baby's hair, he ceases to be a baby. I think I was right. He looks really grow up to me! Waah! Would it look weird if I glued it back on??

(Yes, it was getting very long!!)

(Auntie Suz helped - it takes 2 people to cut a wiggly kid's hair! Plus a third to hold the camera!)

(See! Doesn't he look all grown up??)

At least now no one can tease him for having weird hair. You know other than for his excessively poofy hair all over the rest of his head.

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Suz said...

I think he already looked grown up in the last picture of his teeth hurting post. Also, the one of him in his high chair with his first solids too. That's just me though. :P