Friday, June 19, 2009

Clap! Clap!! Clap!!!

Okay, so he'd probably clap if I just said one "clap" but it's way more fun to say "clap, clap clap!" Try it! I promise it's fun!

I heart Austin's clap. It's so silly just like him! He holds one arm still and claps with the other one against his forearm mostly. Sometimes he actually hits his hand. I think it looks like he's giving an enthusiastic "Bravo! Bravo!" instead of actually clapping.

You can see he gets super silly and loud when he's tired!


Also, please be praying for Stellan again. He is back in the hospital. They have been trying to control his SVT with medication since he's been home, but he's been growing increasingly resistant to it. At first they had to up the dosage every few weeks, then it was after one week, then a few days. And then he was at the maximum dosage for his little body and not breaking out of SVT. He had 9 hours of SVT yesterday and is on 4 (yikes!) meds right now. But that's looking like a short term solution. They're giving it the weekend and will reevaulate next week.

Be praying for an SVT free weekend and good response to the medication and wisdom for what the right course of action is.

How cute is Stellan!!!

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