Friday, June 12, 2009


Austin has to get his blood drawn every 2 months to check his thyroid levels so we can make sure he has the right dosage of medication. So far they've drawn his blood by sticking his heel and squeezing out enough blood for the 3 tests. It takes forever, but he usually does okay other than the actual poke.

This time they attempted to find a vein in his arm. They failed. Lots. At one point they actually got his vein and got some blood but then he moved and they lost the vein.

So they tried the other arm. And failed.

Watching someone dig around in your child's arm with a butterfly needle trying to find a vein is an experience that I hope I don't ever have to repeat.

So then they just did his heel and it went really quickly. Should have just started with that! Unfortunately he was pretty ticked by this point and screamed the entire time his foot was being squeezed.

But my cutie pie survived. Of course as soon as they finished, he was all smiles again! And he sported his bandages like a trooper.

Hopefully next time he gets stuck, it will go better!

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SteFUNie said...

Poor baby! We went through the same horiffic experience with Noah- three times. When he was in the hospital, they had to put the i.v. in his foot after 30 minutes of diggin in his little arms. The he pulled the i.v. out, and we had to do it again. Then when they had to take blood weeks later, it was the same thing. I told them to just go straight for the vein in his foot, but they refused. So after another 45 minutes of trying and failing in his arms, with me bawling in the corner, they finally went for the foot, and got blood on the first try. Lesson learned: go with your instincts, and don't let someone else tell you otherwise.